Bertani presents
The Library.

The exclusive vertical collection
of Amarone della Valpolicella Classico.

66 years of history.
45 vintages
4 personalities
A unique style.

The birthplace

The Corvina vineyards at Tenuta Novare
in Arbizzano di Negrar.

The wait

The historic cellar in Grezzana where Amarone
della Valpolicella Classico is patiently aged for at least
7 years in Slavonian Oak barrels.

The awakening

The bottles of historic vintages of Amarone della
Valpolicella Classico rest in the cellar. Only at the moment of shipping
are removed by our cellarman, dusted off and labelled.

Heritage is history.
History is our style.


In 1923, Bertani received the Royal Warrant from the Kingdom of Italy, while in London our wines were served during the coronation of King George VI in 1937. The mid-20th century saw the completion of the purchase of the historic Tenuta Novare estate in the Negrar Valley in Valpolicella covering 65 hectares of vineyards. It was a time that marked the beginning of the history of Amarone: a long quest in search of an intense, enduring wine that represents the maximum expression of Valpolicella. It bore fruit in 1958, the year which marked the first “official” vintage of Amarone Bertani.


Great wines possess great personalities. And Bertani Amarone della Valpolicella Classico is no exception. All 45 vintages boast highly distinctive characters, each of which is the result of the conditions of a particular harvest and the prevailing winemaking practices of the day. Tasting notes should highlight which vintages are richer or riper than others, but we have also prepared a summary classification that details the style and personality of the wines, electing to catalogue them into four broad categories that express their essential character: exuberance, delicacy, harmony and finesse.


These are wines boasting an flamboyant character, oftentimes with intense aromas, rich fruity notes and a sensual air.

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They represent those rare wines that possess finesse across the board. Regardless of their structure or degree of maturity, they display a dazzling array of splendid aromas and flavours, revealing a natural complexity and irresistible charm.

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They are subtle yet decisive, relaxed wines possessing an easy-going charm. Easy to drink, agreeable and satisfying.

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These are well-balanced wines, with classic proportions which exhibit grace, poise and balance. They usually possess a more lively character with respect to delicate wines, but are less ostentatious than the more exuberant labels. These represent the best exemplars of Bertani’s signature style.

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